The difference between toughening agents and impact modifiers in PVC additives

The difference between toughening agents and impact modifiers in PVC additives

PVC has many excellent properties and is widely used, but its impact strength, low-temperature impact strength, and other impact properties are not perfect. Therefore, impact modifiers need to be added to change this disadvantage. Common impact modifiers include CPE, ABS, MBS, EVA, SBS, etc. Toughening agents increase the toughness of plastics, and their mechanical properties are characterized by flexural and tensile properties, rather than impact resistance.

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The properties of CPE are related to the chlorine content. Traditionally, CPE containing 35% chlorine was used because it has better rubber elasticity and excellent compatibility. In addition, ordinary PVC heat stabilizers can also be used for CPE without the need to add other special stabilizers. MBS, similar to ABS, has good compatibility with PVC and can be used as an impact modifier for PVC. However, in ABS and MBS formulations, due to their lack of weather resistance, most of them are used for indoor products, and MBS can be used for semi transparent to transparent products.

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Our company focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of PVC plastic modifier products. The products produced by the company mainly include ACR impact processing modifier, MBS impact modifier, and chlorinated polyethylene, specifically used to improve the processing performance, impact strength, and low-temperature toughness of PVC plastic processing. The company's products are widely used in fields such as pipelines, building materials, injection molding, blow molded products, etc.

In recent years, the company's investment in the research and development of rubber and ABS additives and technology has been increasing year by year. While the total and intensity of research and development investment have maintained dual growth, the structure of research and development investment has been optimized. In terms of hardware, the company has successively purchased international advanced fully automatic production lines and testing equipment, committed to developing products with international advanced levels. The raw materials required for production are also purchased from top global technology manufacturers, with stable and reliable quality. At present, the company has 5 senior R&D personnel, more than 20 intermediate R&D personnel, and more than 20 collaborative teams. The company has jointly developed a new product with well-known foreign enterprises, which can solve the problems of traditional plastic formula ingredients and high costs, and has achieved significant results.

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