The future development trend of chlorinated polyethylene is good

The future development trend of chlorinated polyethylene is good

Chlorinated polyethylene, abbreviated as CPE, is a saturated polymer material that is non-toxic and odorless, with a white powder appearance. Chlorinated polyethylene, as a type of high polymer containing chlorine, has excellent weather resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, as well as excellent flame retardancy, coloring performance, processing performance, etc. It is widely used in various products such as wires, cables, rubber hoses, tape, rubber, ABS modification, PVC shaped pipes, magnetic materials, etc.

At present, the researchuous growth trend.

In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of infrastructure construction at home and abroad, the market size of wires and cables, PVC products has been continuously expanding, which has driven the increasing demand for chlorinated polyethylene in the market. With the backdrop of continuous improvement in the technology level of chlorinated polyethylene both domestically and internationally, as well as steady development in the app and development process of chlorinated polyethylene production technology in China is constantly accelerating, and the production capacity of chlorinated polyethylene is showing a continlication market, its market is showing a trend of dual supply and demand, with a good development trend.

Chlorinated polyethylene is a type of product with excellent performance and wide application. In recent years, with the continuous emergence of emerging high-tech industries in China and the acceleration of infrastructure construction process, the application field of chlorinated polyethylene is constantly expanding, market demand is constantly increasing, and the industry development prospects are good. At the same time, China is accelerating the improvement of the production technology level of chlorinated polyethylene, and the industry will continue to develop in the context of continuous supply and demand growth in the future.

The consumption demand for chlorinated polyethylene in foreign countries continues to grow every year, but with the gradual prohibition of chlorinated products in some countries, the world demand for chlorinated polyethylene has not increased significantly, and foreign enterprises have not expanded production for more than a decade. With the development of the plastic industry, especially the plastic building materials industry, the demand for chlorinated polyethylene in China is rapidly increasing, mainly due to the large-scale production and use of plastic doors and windows. The addition of chlorinated polyethylene is about 10%, accounting for about 80% of the total consumption of chlorinated polyethylene in this field. With the deepening implementation of the policy of replacing wood with plastic and steel with plastic, The demand for chlorinated polyethylene for plastic doors and windows in China will continue to grow in the short term.


Post time: Jul-07-2023