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Titanium dioxide is an inorganic chemical raw material, which is widely used in industrial production such as coatings, plastics, rubber, papermaking, printing inks, chemical fibers, and cosmetics. Titanium dioxide has two crystal forms: rutile and anatase. Rutile titanium dioxide, that is, R-type titanium dioxide; anatase titanium dioxide, that is, A-type titanium dioxide.
Titanium-type titanium dioxide belongs to pigment-grade titanium dioxide, which has the characteristics of strong hiding power, high tinting power, anti-aging and good weather resistance. Anatase titanium dioxide, chemical name titanium dioxide, molecular formula Ti02, molecular weight 79.88. White powder, relative density 3.84. The durability is not as good as rutile titanium dioxide, the light resistance is poor, and the adhesive layer is easy to pulverize after being combined with resin. Therefore, it is generally used for indoor materials, that is, it is mainly used for products that do not pass through direct sunlight.

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Anatase titanium dioxide has extremely stable chemical properties and is a slightly acidic amphoteric oxide. It hardly reacts with other elements and compounds at room temperature, and has no effect on oxygen, ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. It is insoluble in water, fat, dilute acid, inorganic acid, and alkali, and only soluble in hydrogen. Hydrofluoric acid. However, under the action of light, titanium dioxide can undergo continuous redox reactions and has photochemical activity. Anatase titanium dioxide is especially obvious under ultraviolet irradiation. This property makes titanium dioxide not only a photosensitive oxidation catalyst for some inorganic compounds, but also a photosensitive reduction catalyst for some organic compounds.

products specification

Sample Name Anatase Titanium Dioxide  (Model ) BA01-01 a
 GBTarget Number 1250  Production method Sulfuric acid method
Monitoring project
1 Tio2 content ≥97 98 Qualified
2 Whiteness (compared to samples) ≥98 98.5 Qualified
3 Discoloration force (compared to sample) 100 103 Qualified
4 Oil absorption ≤6 24 Qualified
5 PH value of water suspension 6.5-8.0 7.5 Qualified
6 Material evapored at105'C (when tested) ≤0.5 0.3 Qualified
7 Average particle size ≤0.35um 0.29 Qualified
8 Residue left on 0.045mm(325mesh)screen ≤0.1 0.03 Qualified
9 Water soluble Content ≤0.5 0.3 Qualified
10 Water Extraction Fluid Resistivity ≥20 25 5 Qualifed

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The main uses of anatase titanium dioxide are as follows
1. Titanium dioxide for papermaking generally uses anatase titanium dioxide without surface treatment, which can play a role in fluorescence and whitening, and increase the whiteness of paper. Titanium dioxide used in ink industry has rutile type and anatase type, which is an indispensable white pigment in advanced ink.
2. Titanium dioxide used in the textile and chemical fiber industries is mainly used as a matting agent. Since the anatase type is softer than the golden red type, the anatase type is generally used.
3. Titanium dioxide is not only used as a colorant in the rubber industry, but also has the functions of reinforcement, anti-aging and filling. Generally, anatase is the main type.
4. The application of titanium dioxide in plastic products, in addition to utilizing its high hiding power, high decolorization power and other pigment properties, it can also improve the heat resistance, light resistance and weather resistance of plastic products, and protect plastic products from UV The attack of light improves the mechanical and electrical properties of plastic products.
5. Coatings in the coatings industry are divided into industrial coatings and architectural coatings. With the development of the construction industry and the automobile industry, the demand for titanium dioxide is increasing day by day.
6. Titanium dioxide is also widely used in cosmetics. Because titanium dioxide is harmless and far superior to lead white, almost all kinds of fragrance powder use titanium dioxide to replace lead white and zinc white. Only 5%-8% of titanium dioxide is added to the powder to obtain permanent white color, making the fragrance more creamy, with adhesion, absorption and covering power. Titanium dioxide can reduce the feeling of greasy and transparent in gouache and cold cream. Titanium dioxide is also used in various other fragrances, sunscreens, soap flakes, white soaps and toothpaste. Cosmetic grade Ishihara titanium dioxide is divided into oily and water-based titanium dioxide. Because of its stable chemical properties, high refractive index, high opacity, high hiding power, good whiteness, and non-toxicity, it is used in the field of cosmetics for beauty and whitening effects.

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