PVC Calcium And Zinc Stabilizer, environmental stabilizer

Calcium And Zinc Stabilizer

Calcium And Zinc Stabilizer

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 Calcium and zinc stabilizers are synthesized by using a special composite process for calcium salts, zinc salts, lubricants, antioxidants, etc. as the main components. It can not only replace toxic stabilizers such as lead and cadmium salts and organotins, but also has fairly good thermal stability, light stability and transparency and coloring power. With PVC resin processing processing has good dispersion, compatibility, processing fluidity, wide adaptability, excellent surface finish of the product; Excellent thermal stability, small initial hue, no precipitation; No heavy metals and other toxic components, no vulcanization phenomenon; Congo red test time is long, with excellent electrical insulation, no impurities, with high efficiency weather resistance; Wide range of application, strong practicality, small dosage, multi-functionality; Among white products, the whiteness is better than that of similar products. Details slipped

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With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness in all countries in the world, environmental protection laws and regulations are gradually improved, especially the hygienic requirements for plastic products such as medicine, food processing, daily necessities, and toy plastics. Lead and cadmium salt stabilizers will eventually be fully replaced by non-toxic PVC stabilizers. . The production of foreign plastic additives will tend to be large-scale and specialized, environmental protection requirements are highly valued, and efficient and multi-functional. Research and development of new environmentally friendly and non-toxic PVC stabilizers has become an inevitable trend. The non-toxic direction of PVC heat stabilizers is mainly concentrated in two aspects of organotin and calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizers, and great progress has been made in both. It is mainly manifested in the successful research and extensive use of organotin heat stabilizers represented by the United States, and the popularization and application of non-toxic calcium-zinc composite heat stabilizers represented by Europe, but the price of organotin is too expensive. Calcium-zinc composite stabilizer will eventually build the future non-toxic PVC stabilizer system of all countries in the world

Main uses

Used in pipes, profiles, pipe fittings, plates, injection molding, blow molding film, cable material and other plastic products;

products specification




White or yellowish flake

Volatile matter%


melting point℃




Recommended addition(Based on PVC)


products Features

1. True green environmental protection stabilizer;

2. Excellent thermal stability;

3. Give the filler good dispersibility and improve the mechanical properties of the product;

4. Reduce mechanical wear and prolong the service life of equipment;

5. It can be used for transparent products and gives products good permeability.

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