CPE-130A is used in magnetic strips and magnetic materials



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CPE-130A is widely used in the field of magnetic materials, such as magnetic adhesive strips, various rolled magnetic markers, etc. It has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and low-temperature toughness, excellent processing performance, and is easy to process.

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products description

Compared with the general CPE in the market, Bontecn CPE has the characteristics of low glass transition temperature, superior processing performance and high elongation at break. It is a high-performance and high-quality special rubber. It can be used alone or in combination with ethylene propylene rubber, butadiene propylene rubber and chlorobenzene rubber to produce rubber products. The products produced have long service life and are UV resistant. No matter how bad the environment and climate are, they can maintain the inherent properties of rubber for a long time.

This product is a highly filled chlorinated polyethylene thermoplastic elastomer. In addition to the performance of ordinary chlorinated polyethylene, it also has the characteristics of good low temperature toughness and strong filler acceptance. This product is mainly used for magnetic rubber. In addition, it can also be used as a modifier for non-polar rubber such as EPDM, a solubilizer, an auxiliary agent for CPE130A+iron oxide powder+magnetic rubber strips for refrigerators, magnetic plates and various rolling magnetic marks, etc. CPE130A+EPDM+flame retardant crosslinking agent, used to make medium and low voltage wire and cable insulation layer, roof crosslinking modified EPDM waterproof membrane.

products specification

parameter unit standard CPE-130A
exterior —— —— White Powder
Apparent density g/cm³ GB/T  1636 0.5±0.1
Sieve residue (30 mesh) % GB/T 2916 ≤2.0
vdaf % ASTM D5668 ≤0.40
tensile strength MPa GB/T 528-2009 ≥8.5
elongation at break % GB/T 528-2009 ≥800
Hardness (Shore A) —— HG-T2704 ≤60

products Features

Good flexibility, good low temperature performance, good filling, aging resistance, chemical resistance, good processing performance.

Application fields

Produce refrigerator door seals and wire and cable sheaths.

(1) CPE 130A+ferrite+additive:
For the production of refrigerator magnetic door seals and various matte labels.

(2) CPE 130A+EPDM+flame retardant+other additives:
Used in the production of medium and low voltage wire and cable insulation layers and vulcanized EPDM waterproof membranes.

Packaging and Storage

25Kg/pack or according to customer requirements;

Product transportation and loading and unloading process should be kept clean, to prevent sun and rain, high temperature and humidity, to avoid damage to the packaging;

It should be stored in a cool, dry, direct sunlight-free warehouse with a temperature below 40 °C for a storage period of two years, and after two years, it can still be used after performance inspection.

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