Transparent ACR processing aid to increase plasticization and hardness Transparent sheet PVC film

Transparent ACR

Transparent ACR

Short Description:

Transparent processing aid is made of acrylic monomers through lotion polymerization process. It is mainly used to improve the processing performance of PVC products, promote the plasticization and melting of PVC resin, reduce the processing temperature and improve the appearance quality of products. Excellent weather resistance and mechanical properties, so as to obtain good plasticized products at the lowest possible temperature and improve the quality of products.  The product has outstanding processing performance; It has good dispersibility and thermal stability; And an excellent surface gloss can be imparted to the product.

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products specification

Test items


Test standard





White powder

Surface density


GB/T 1636-2008


Sieve residue (30 mesh)


GB/T 2916




ASTM D5668


Intrinsic viscosity


GB/T 1632-2008


products Features

ACR and PVC have similar polarity, considerable affinity and good compatibility, and its functional characteristics are:
1. At the processing temperature, it can promote the synchronous and uniform plasticization of PVC materials, improve thermal stability, effectively prevent local coking of materials, reduce processing molding temperature, shorten plasticization time, and improve production efficiency.
2. Improve the fluidity of PVC materials, promote smooth processing, increase the yield of products, and reduce the mechanical wear of processing machinery.
3.Significantly reduce the deposition of various additives on the surface of the machine, and significantly improve the appearance of finished products or semi-finished products such as smoothness.

Application fields

This product is mainly used for PVC transparent products such as PVC film and PVC sheet. It can also be used in PVC foaming agent products.

Packaging and Storage

25Kg/bag. The product shall be kept clean during transportation, loading and unloading to prevent exposure to the sun, rain, high temperature and humidity, and to avoid damage to the package. It shall be stored in a cool, dry warehouse without direct sunlight and at a temperature lower than 40oC for two years. After two years, it can still be used after passing the performance inspection.

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